WATCH: Giants’ Daniel Jones takes the stage at Zach Bryan’s concert, shows off singing chops

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In the off-season, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones signed a four-year, $160 million extension and gears up for another year in New York. He’s clearly been working on his vocal skills as well, which was on display at a Zach Bryan concert in Queens, New York, last weekend.

The country singer brought Jones up on stage and the quarterback looked like a natural in front of the mic. Jones didn’t hold back for the crowd at Forest Hills Stadium.

Here’s a look at Jones’ showstopping performance:

The 26-year-old seemed to be having the time of his life. I don’t think Jones is slated to make any more appearances at Bryan’s shows, but he’s clearly ready to take on the music industry if his name is mentioned.

Bryan was very welcoming to the Giants’ quarterback, but as an Eagles fan, the singer still had to absorb some Philadelphia fandom.

While Jones was on stage, Bryan snuck in a “Go Birds,” shouting the quarterback division rival.

The Giants and Eagles will meet on Christmas Day for the first time this season and play a second regular season game on January 7. Despite their apparent friendship, Bryan will clearly be rooting for the Birds during those matchups.

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