What does Chukwudi Iwuji think about being the new villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 3? This is what he said

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Nigerian-British actor Chukwudi Iwuji was in disbelief when he found out that filmmaker James Gunn wanted him to be the villain in the superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Here’s what the 48-year-old actor had to say about winning the role and the long process behind it.

Chukwudi Iwuji talks about his role in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Iwuji plays High Evolutionary, the new villain in Gunn’s upcoming movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The actor describes the character as a “mad scientist” and reveals how he felt when he was cast in the role. Iwuji’s role was first announced at Comic-Con 2022 where he appeared in full costume. He previously worked with Gunn in HBO’s superhero television series Peacemaker, which is part of the DC Universe.

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“He was, along with Viola Davis and Margot Robbie and Benicio Del Toro and a few others, one of the best actors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I felt like Chuk could bring something unique to the role.” Gunn told Variety while talking about Iwuji. Seeing the actor’s performance in the HBO series, the filmmaker entered into conversation with him. “I said to him jokingly, ‘James, is this when you tell me that you actually wanted to hire Chiwetel Ejiofor, and you got our names mixed up?'” Iwuji recalled.

“He said, ‘Actually, I want you to be the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.’ It was like that moment in The Simpsons where you confuse Homer Simpson and he just blinks. I just kept staring at him,” the 48-year-old recalled. Iwuji revealed that it took six weeks to arrange a screen test, saying “There was a side of me that secretly hoped that I wouldn’t have to do a screen test, that I would just get the part. But it was a screen test for one. When I arrived, I didn’t see five other actors who looked like me. It was just for me.”

Describing his character, the actor called him a mix of pre-existing iconic characters. “He’s Dr. Moreau meets Dr. Frankenstein meets James Bond villain meets Thanos. He’s very Shakespearean. That idea of ​​the tragic flaw. He wants to make the perfect society with a completely blind, determined ruthlessness, even though he thinks it’s for the greater good,” he said. Iwuji also shared how his life has changed since getting the role.

“If you ask me how I feel, I feel about the same as I did yesterday. I know the kinds of things that come through that I need to look at are very different. But I haven’t been able to shake that idea of ​​being a job. actor. I’m trying to wrap my head around it,” said the actor who is married to singer Angela Travino. He recalled a moment saying, “I went to a screening of Guardians and I’m sitting there, and it hits me in real time, ‘Oh no, I’m not just watching someone’s movie. I’m in this one.'”

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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is all set for release on May 5, 2023. Iwuji previously played Akoni in John Wick: Chapter 2, was part of the 2016 film Barry, and also appeared in Netflix shows like When They See Us and Designated survivor. The Nigerian-born actor is theater trained and acted in multiple plays in the early stages of his career.

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