What is being done to help the people of Haiti?

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Haiti is sinking into a deepening crisis – never ending for its long-suffering people.

Senior UN officials say political instability, gang wars, poverty and the effects of recent natural disasters such as earthquakes have left the people of Haiti in urgent need of help.

Government calls for international military support have gone largely unanswered.

The number of murders, lynchings and kidnappings has increased.

So can Haiti offer hope to its people?

And what is the international community doing to help?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Harold Isaac – Independent journalist who has reported extensively on Haiti

Eugenia Charles – executive director of Fondasyon Mapou, a faith-based organization; host and executive producer of Kon-beat La-ki, a Haitian radio show

Joseph Harold Pierre – Political advisor and founder of NAPSA, a youth organization promoting development and democratization in Haiti

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