What to expect in Netflix’s upcoming Painkiller? Find out cast, streaming details and more

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Netflix is known for releasing heart gripping and thought provoking dramas every now then. After The Lincoln Lawyer it has dropped another hard hitting masterpiece titled Painkiller. Painkiller is a mini series consisting of six parts covering the devastating opioid crisis that has shaken the United States. The series shows a powerful narrative through the eyes of those battling this addiction,  those suffering in the crisis and confronting the powerful Sackler family of Purdue Pharma. Here’s a closer look at the details for the series.

Painkiller: Cast, Streaming Details and more

Painkiller’s talented cast boasts artists like Uzo Aduba, Matthew Boredrick, Taylor Kitsch, and more. It was released on Thursday 10 August with all of its six riveting episodes. Every episode is an hour long that will keep you on the edge of your seat, making Painkiller a must watch if you are a drama aficionado.

This series approaches the theme of the opioid crisis and its aftermath just like the Netflix past documentary Pharmacist. In the series Uzo Aduba takes on the lead role as Edie Flowers,  a dedicated lawyer who is investigating the notorious drug OxyContin. And Matthew Broderick plays the role of Billionaire Richard Sackler, who is a senior executive at Purdue Pharma. The series covers a complex web of events surrounding the opioid crisis, following the lives of perpetrators, victims, and truth-seekers who were forever altered by the introduction of OxyContin. 

Painkiller Ending Explained

As the story reaches its climax, we witness Glen celebrating a significant milestone of 30 days of sobriety, striving to mend his relationship with his family. Taking temporary refuge at a motel, his journey takes an unexpected turn when the clamor of rowdy neighbors playing loud music catches his attention. With a mix of curiosity and temptation, he enters their room, only to discover them incapacitated. As his inner struggle unfolds, he spots a stash of leftover OxyContin on the bedside table, that creates a tension-filled moment in his path to recovery.

Painkiller is not just a series, it’s a saga that traces from the rise of Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin to its  aggressive marketing campaign that ensnared countless doctors. The narrative not only delves into the Sackler family’s ascent as OxyContin sales soared but also introduces fictional characters like Edie Flowers (portrayed by Aduba), who tirelessly investigates the drug’s rise. Alongside her, we meet Shannon (played by Duchovny), a young Purdue Pharma sales representative, and Glen (brought to life by Kitsch), a diligent family man whose life takes a fateful turn after an injury.

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Force behind the on-screen brilliance Painkiller

The creative force behind ‘Painkiller’ is just as remarkable as its top notch front cast. Executive producers Eric Newman (known for ‘NARCOS’), Peter Berg (‘Friday Night Lights’), and Alex Gibney (acclaimed director and writer) have curated a series that explores the darkest corners of the opioid crisis. Gibney, who also directed and wrote the documentary film ‘The Crime of the Century,’ sheds light on the origins and after-effects of America’s opioid epidemic and the role played by pharmaceutical giants.

Get ready to be captivated by heart-throbbing Painkiller as it brings forth the tale of crime, ambition and the human cost of a crisis that rocked the entire States. 

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