What went wrong with the Luna 25?

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The Russian spacecraft crashed instead of making a soft landing at the lunar south pole.

It was a mission to elevate Russia’s standing at home and in space, but the Luna-25 spacecraft failed to stick its landing.

Its crash is raising questions about Moscow’s space programme, particularly as Russia becomes more isolated from the West.

Like Russia, China, India and the United States are also looking to explore whether ice and other resources can be found at the lunar south pole.

So, how big a setback has the Kremlin suffered?

And what does it mean for rival programmes and business ventures out of this world?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Steve Maran – Retired astronomer from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and author of the guidebook Astronomy for Dummies

Anil Kumar Bhatt – Retired lieutenant general from the Indian Army and director general of the Indian Space Association

Derrick Pitts – Chief astronomer and planetarium programmes director at The Franklin Institute

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