“Why did I play there?” – Labuschagne is looking for broad answers

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Marnus Labuschagne believes the sluggishness of the Edgbaston pitch played a part in his being signed on two occasions by Stuart Broad during the first Ashes Test, but while he is looking at some technical adjustments, this isn’t something he’s looking forward to for long will stand still.

Labuschagne scored extensively over the weekend at Lord’s in preparation for the second Test starting Wednesday, at the venue where his 2019 Testing career kicked off, with the Sunday session watched by Ricky Ponting, the pair having the occasional chat.

While he would not reveal all he had learned from his double dismissal, Labuschagne attributed some of it to the circumstances, although he suggested that Broad may have outsmarted him in the first innings.

“When you get the first ball out, you just throw it in the pocket. Possibly I thought they were going to straighten out and then he got a nice ball that swung into the right area,” he said. “With a lack of bounce at Edgbaston, you get sucked into thinking you can hit the ball a bit more and I just made some bad decisions.” [against balls] they were really wide. They would be the eighth or ninth stump, some of those deliveries.

“They were very uncharacteristic dismissals compared to how I normally played, which is why I was quite frustrated with myself for getting away like that and asked myself, ‘why was I playing in those deliveries?’

“I’ve made my own summary of what that is. Now it’s like there’s something I can do tactically or technically to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s a rarity that I would play at those balls, so it’s not something I’m going to contemplate, but I hold myself to a much higher standard than those layoffs.”

Labuschagne was happy to acknowledge Broad’s skill as he prevailed in the first Test. The only previous time he had been fired by him was the bizarre time he walked over his stumps in Hobart and landed flat in the fold.

“He’s 2 and 0 now, so he’s done his homework,” Labuschagne said. “That first [and only] ball I got in the first innings was a very nice ball. I haven’t confronted Stuart Broad where he actually managed to throw it out. He usually corners in, and that one definitely swung.

“The first ball, usually you just play and you miss, then you go ‘okay’, you can make the adjustments there. I said this about [R] Ashwin guys who take the time to do the homework understand the game and figure out how they’re going to get certain guys out i have so much respect for them so if they put in the time and effort and it pays off that’s a credit to them.”

On the other hand, Labuschagne was confident he has the body of work to show he can respond to the challenge, which his hitting coach Neil D’Costa had previously told ESPNcricinfo was part of the “arm wrestle” everyone loves to watch. looked in Test. cricket.

“I’ve tried to make my game as adaptable as possible, so I don’t have one style of hitting,” he said. “Some people play their whole career and hit a certain way and have one method that works… I’m always working on my game and my technique to think of ways I can score points.”

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