Why did Princess Diana call Prince Harry’s birth the moment her marriage to Charles “fell in the water”?

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Princess Diana and King Charles’ accounts of their marriage vary widely. Diana told Andrew Morton that Prince Harry’s birth was the turning point when everything “went down the drain”, while Charles says he cut off his best friends because Diana thought they were “conspiring against her”.

The Story of Princess Diana

In a 1992 book by Andrew Morton, Diana: Her True Story, Princess Diana touched on many sensitive topics on the tapes she secretly recorded, such as her struggle with bulimia. She also described how she suspected Charles was in love with Camilia while they were married. When the book came out, Diana’s involvement was kept secret. But the editions published after her death included transcripts of her comments.

Diana revealed to Andrew: “Then, between the birth of William and Harry, it’s total darkness. I don’t remember much, I erased it, it hurt so much. However, Harry appeared by a miracle. We were very , very close to each other the six weeks before Harry was born, the closest we’ve ever been, ever been and ever will be.

She continued: “Then suddenly when Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain.” Harry was born in September 1984, three years after Diana and Charles’ marriage. The book also says that Diana confided in the Queen about the matter, and the Queen blamed her bulimia as the cause of problems in her relationship.

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The Story of Prince Charles

Charles’ side of the story was available for the public to read in the biography written by Jonathan Dimbleby. The book, The Prince of Wales: A Biography, was based on interviews with Charles and his friends, along with his archive of letters and diaries.

“While she was pregnant with Prince Harry and for six months after his birth,” Jonathan wrote of the incident, “the Princess stopped making official visits abroad, preferring to stay at home with her very small children.” time they lived within the shell of a normal marriage, although they still lacked the intimacy and mutual understanding without which the relationship could not grow. Since they shared no common interests, there was little to talk about except the mundane arrangements required when two people share the same roof. He goes on to explain how Diana had stopped seeing her psychiatrist, claiming she was feeling better, which led to her mood swings and anxiety and exhausted them both. What’s different in Charles’s narration is that it doesn’t describe the sudden nearness to Harry’s birth that Diana describes.

Charles’s book describes how he and those around him felt that Diana was not acting rationally. It also seems that Charles was pressured to give up some of his closest friends and confidants for the sake of Diana. Jonathan describes how the Princess felt that all of Charles’s friends were conspiring against her: “She clearly believed that some of his oldest friends and advisers, including prominent figures in public life, were, as she put it, ‘oilers’, sycophants whose influence on his judgment was malevolent.”

He continues: “From a mixture of embarrassment and loyalty to his wife, the Prince apparently couldn’t bring himself to explain his action to them, with the result that they only found out what was going on when the calls stopped, the letters stopped flowing. and the invitations to Highgrove and Balmoral have not arrived.”

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