Why does King Charles III’s negative publicity exceed positive publicity with 124,000 negative mentions online?

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion about the British royal family. While some people are more inclined towards Prince Harry, others seem to have more faith in Prince William.

YouScan, a new AI-powered platform, has released a new survey revealing the Royals who were mentioned the most, along with members who received the highest share of negative and positive comments. This research charts the online opinions of members of the British royal family.

In this article, we discuss the online opinions and social media rankings of King Charles III.

The Online Opinions of King Charles III

It seems that there is a huge difference between the popularity of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II was definitely one of the most beloved monarchs in stark contrast to the new king.

King Charles III

King Charles III had about a million entries online; however, his negative publicity outweighed the positive. The new king had about 124 thousand negative social media mentions, compared to only 59 thousand positive ones.

King Charles III’s negative publicity online was due to the various scandals circulating about the royal family. The release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, in which he makes several revelations about the British royal family, may also have tarnished the king’s reputation.

King Charles’s canceled visit to France because of the protests has made him seem aloof from the general public. The French users were particularly negative when they heard how much the visit would cost the taxpayer.

Moreover, it was also revealed that many musicians turned down the chance to perform at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, which will be held on May 6, 2023. This further damaged the reputation of the new king.

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