Why is David Beckham receiving backlash over his USD 15 million mansion? Controversy EXPLAINED

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Manchester United star David Beckham might get into trouble for not abiding by the construction norms of West Oxfordshire District Council. The drama kicked off when Beckham and wife Victoria got themselves permission to turn a ‘farm track’ into a ‘construction track’ for a short period of time. However, now that the construction work of their mansion comes to an end, the couple is not returning to the status quo of the track. Here’s what the complaint against the couple reads.

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Locals file a complaint against the Beckhams for the construction of £12m mansion

The local news journals reported this week that the couple is stuck in a row with the neighbors. Right at the beginning of the construction of their mansion, tensions were brewing. At the time, there already was a track leading up to their new house. However, they got permission to use the farm track for the convenience of the workers. But now that most of the work has already been done, the locals want the Beckhams to return the land to the farmers. 

One of the locals talked to Express UK suggesting “There is already an access road to the property so what is the point of laying another road just to build a fancy greenhouse? That seems pointless and a waste of resources,” the lady had to say. It seems that the construction of a greenhouse in the neighborhood is not suiting the people who live there. 

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Beckhams have a history of neighborhood row

Back in 2020, David Beckham and his wife Victoria were in a similar row with the people who lived in their proximity. The family nearby had concerns about privacy as the new celebrities moved there. While the couple won their trial, the suggestions were resubmitted to the Senior Planning Officer.

At the end of the row, the Beckhams were left with no choice but to build an enclosure at the rare end of their mansion. Despite them having no intentions to harm the locals, it seems like David and Victoria always happen to walk in these situations. It will be interesting to see what the final call from the West Oxfordshire District Council will be on this matter. We will be sure to update this section with the latest developments. Thus, stay tuned.

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