Why is Eminem dissing former POTUS Donald Trump? Beef Explained

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The famous American rapper Eminem is being slammed for his recent outrageous remarks about former POTUS Donald Trump. The rapper exclaimed that the ex-president is ‘brainwashing’ his loyal supporters into believing that he cares about them. He further questioned people about how they can relate to a billionaire who has ‘never known struggle’? 

Here is the complete beef explained. 

Why is Eminem targeting Donald Trump

The rapper has recently begun trending online after a video from his interview went viral. In the video, Em spoke about Trump and the rapper’s harsh words have sparked strong reactions from the Republicans. 

The video was first posted on Monday by an anonymous Tik-Tok user @rising_path. Later, it was reshared online multiple times. In the clip, he stated “Watching him play to his base that thinks that he cares about people and it’s actually the people that he cares about the f***ing least.” He further went on questioning, “If you are talking about his core being, you know, a majority white middle class, what I do not understand is how the f**k do you feel like you can relate to a billionaire who has never known struggle his entire life.”

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Slim Shady also exclaimed that 77-year-old Trump is brainwashing his followers. “I will agree on this, he has a way with words. And if you’re in his base…let’s say you attend his rallies or you watch him on TV, you hear him talking all this sh*t, there’s part of me that understands, like, alright, he’s somehow still got them because he’s brainwashing them into believing that something great is going to happen. Nothing’s happening,” he said.

Several people engaged in the comment of @PopularLiberal’s shared video on Twitter. While many labeled him as ‘selfish brand’ and ‘envious and bitter’, some took stand in his support.

Rapper also slammed Donald Trump in his 2017 Rap

With the latest development, past videos of Eminem also started resurfacing, as this is not the first time that Slim has taken jabs at Trump. Previously in 2017, at the time of BET Hip-Hop Awards, a video surfaced of Em rapping about the Republican just after he was elected as the president of the US. 

In the rap, Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) began with praising Obama, and then slamming Trump. The rap goes like this: “But we better give Obama props/ cause what we’ve got in office right now is a kamikaze that’ll cause a probable nuclear holocaust.”

Later, the rapper told Billboard that he was ready to lose half of his fan followers if it meant ‘standing up for the right.’

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