Why is Justin Bieber being brutally trolled on social media after a viral video? Here’s what we know

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Justin Bieber always fails to turn heads, but it seems he’s been laying low for the past few months. It may be due to the social media drama surrounding ex Selena Gomez and his wife Hailey Bieber. The Love Yourself singer is often spotted with his model wife at dinner or while shopping.

Now Justin Bieber is being brutally trolled on social media after his video with Hailey Bieber went viral. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Justin Bieber’s viral video

In a recent viral video on social media, Justin Bieber can be seen in a pair of low-rise shorts that came out even lower than people imagined. As a result, the singer’s b*tt and his white underpants were visible to everyone. In the video, Hailey Bieber can be seen walking next to his man. This has generated thousands of comments on the video, as some people sympathize with Rhode’s founder.

Justin Bieber is being cheated on

Once Justin Bieber’s video went viral, he was brutally mobbed for antiques on social media. People even mentioned Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez when commenting on the video.

One user commented, “At first I thought a homeless man was harassing the woman.” Another added: “Don’t let the pants carry you, wear the pants.” Someone also wrote, “Looks like he got his peaches in Georgia.”

Hailey Bieber fuels pregnancy rumours

Earlier, the SUN reported that Hailey Bieber left an Easter egg for her followers when she was photographed this week in a transparent white mini dress. She held her stomach as she walked down the street, her huge engagement ring on full display. The 26-year-old model also patted her gut when she passed an infant stroller and failed to grab it. This has fueled the pregnancy rumors considerably.

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