Why is PK Subban being criticized for his joke on Lizzo during NHL playoffs?

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PK Subban has been criticized for commenting on Tuesday night when he aimed at Lizzo’s body. This happened after the Florida Panthers defeated Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night.

ESPN co-anchor John Buccigross said the Toronto Maple Leafs should “pack a lunch” after their disappointing loss to the Maple Leafs. Buccigross suggested that a ‘packed lunch’ will energize the team to play against their opponents.

To this, PK Subban replied that Maple Leafs should “pack a Lizzo-sized lunch” in reference to the singer’s large body for the measurement method. This comment from a former NHL player didn’t go down well with netizens and they immediately slammed it on social media.

Fan reaction

People weren’t happy with the former NHL player’s distasteful comment about Lizzo after the Florida Panthers defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. The comment sparked immediate reactions on social media and he was labeled “fatphobic” as netizens demanded his removal from ESPN.

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One user tweeted, “I just want to watch hockey without some panelists talking about women. First it was biz that women only watch hockey before the men and now pk Subban says a Lizzo-sized lunch. Ugh’. While the other wrote, “The disgusting people enjoying PK Subban’s comment about Lizzo are exactly WHY he should have kept his mouth shut. I’ve been a PK fan and supporter from day one – but are recent comments about Pride and now this? I don’t see him the same way anymore. This is not okay’.

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After PK Subban commented, some fans even took a peek at his career while defending the Good As Hell singer. One user wrote that they had never heard of Subban and that is why the former NHL player shamed Lizzo to get some attention.

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