Yellowstone actress Kelly Reilly talks about her role of Beth Dutton: I don’t want to play it again

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Kelly Reilly quickly became a fan favorite with her role as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. Beth is the eldest daughter of the patriarch of the Dutton family – John Dutton. Known for her sarcastic remarks and sharp wit, Beth is also quite ambitious and intelligent.

Recently, Reilly opened up about her role of Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Kelly Reilly talks about her role in Yellowstone

Kelly Reilly admitted that since she played the role of Beth Dutton in Yellowstone, she’s gotten many scripts for the same role. During an interview with Looper, the actress said, “Of course I play Beth Dutton and people like it. So I get inundated with very feisty, strong, violent women. But I don’t want to play that again.” She reveals that she doesn’t like playing the same part twice.

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Reilly has also spoken about the challenges she faced while filming for Yellowstone. The actress looked back at the time when she had to film a scene with real wolves. She said, “The crew said don’t worry. We have these invisible bits of cord, so if they run towards you, they’ll trip over them. The Yellowstone star said that despite her concerns, she knew it would be good for the overall series. Reilly also said her confidence had grown with each season of Yellowstone.

Kelly Reilly believes in keeping her family life as private as possible and avoids public attention by living in the countryside. The Yellowstone actress is very proud of her role in the series. She said, “Being a part of Yellowstone is powerful. People have adopted it as their show. I am really proud of it.” Her other notable roles include Pride & Prejudice, Eden Lake, and Flight.

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