Zeenat Aman says people were “more interested” in her face, figure than intellect; Conversations about Instagram debut

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Veteran actress Zeenat Aman is making headlines for all the right reasons. Since she made her debut on Instagram, she has been conquering hearts on the internet. She continues to treat fans with interesting anecdotes and precious photos from the archives. Recently, the iconic actress spoke in an interview about people calling her appearance on social media a “comeback.” She doesn’t believe it’s her comeback because she never left. Zeenat also spoke of how people were “more interested” in her looks than her intellect.

Zeenat Aman on her Instagram debut

Speaking to Vogue India, the Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress revealed that it took her son Zahaan and his partner Cara almost seven months to convince her to join Instagram. She shared that she has found the freedom to express herself on Instagram. She also talked about receiving messages from all over the world.

She said: “Every day I wake up to a slew of messages from all over the world: Syria and Ukraine, Fiji and Australia, Thailand and Mexico… the geographic scope of my followers fascinates me because it was elusive in my childhood – a time before the internet. This isn’t a comeback, but it’s something of a comeback. Only today do I recognize the impact of my career on the lives of thousands of strangers. That people remember my work and were positively influenced by it makes me happy They may not know me personally, but I represent something to them—perhaps a fond memory or a moment of empowerment—and that is an invaluable privilege.”

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Zeenat Aman on pushing the envelope

During the interview, the legendary actress said that while she used her looks, she “chose roles that pushed the boundaries.” Zeenat added: “I realized early on that the world wanted youth and beauty from women in the film industry. So I used my looks, but I also chose roles that pushed the boundaries. Still, there was a lot more interest in my face and figure than I’ve ever had in mind. This is one of the reasons I love getting older – it’s balanced the scales.”

Zeenat has worked in several hit movies including Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Laawaris, Don, Roti Kapada Aur Makaan, Dostana and others.

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